To face the challenges of tomorrow regarding wellbeing and nutrition, Belgian companies active in health ingredients decided to join forces. In 2012, they created the Belgian Health Ingredients Group (BHIG). It covers several areas of expertise and therefore offers a wide range of solutions responding to specific health challenges in nutrition. All of the ingredients are from natural origin and are designed to meet your strict requirements. The BHIG is intended to propose a complete but customized solution to the health nutrition market.

What is the BHIG?

It is a group of Health Ingredients Producers :

  • providing high quality healthy food ingredients
  • providing market and technical expertise
  • providing assistance in regulatory affairs
  • providing solutions to Food Manufacturers


In 2010, a group of companies express its will to create an EIG focused on a common vision of nutrition and health.
The cluster WagrALIM decide to support the project (logistic, financial and human support).

In 2012, The BHIG is officially created. It gathers 11 companies active in health ingredients having scientific support.

The Group is now developing a brand (label), BHIG Natural, attesting the natural state and the quality of the ingredients.

What are its goals?

  • Defend and promote the positive effects of the members’ ingredients having a scientific validation.
  • Favour R&D around health and nutrition, promote the scientific, economic and legal objectives.
  • Offer visibility and added credibility to the members.
  • Favour the exchange of contacts and informations between members.
  • Assure different competences (nutritional, legal).
  • Common events (trade events, missions, seminars…).
  • Develop a common marketing strategy for international markets and develop a brand (label).