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Bifidobacterium adolescentis| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Bifidobacterium bifidum| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Bifidobacterium breve| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Bifidobacterium infantis| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Bifidobacterium lactis| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Bifidobacterium longum| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Bifidobacterium pseudolongum| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Bromelain| Enzybel International

Bromelain is a plant-derived enzyme extracted from the stems and fruits of the pineapple. Its action has been proposed for various health disorders like inflammation of soft-tissue injuries or arthritis and, combined with chemotherapy, it helps to reduce side-effects due to radiation treatments and inhibits cancer cell growth.

Egg Phospholipids Ovolife|

Egg Phospholipid fatty acids AA and DHA provide health benefits for brain, eye and immunity, in early life and growing up stages.

Fibruline® range (Fibruline® & Fibrulose®)| Cosucra

Fibruline® (inulin) & Fibrulose® (oligofructose) are soluble fibres obtained from chicory root. They are tasteless, odourless and easy-to-process. They can be easily added into a lot of food & beverages products for nutritional benefits as fibre-enrichment, gut health, sugar & fat replacement.


Lactic acid solutions in various grades, enable a natural acidification.


Sodium and Potassium lactates, various grades.


Mineral enriched lactates (Ferrous, Zinc Magnesium...) Mineral enrichment.


Calcium lactate. Bones strengthener.


Various food blends based on lactates.

Granachol | Oxylent

Formulation based on pomegranate polyphenols and natural statins.


The leading vegetable fatbinder! This is a unique, non-animal chitosan dedicated to the health nutrition industry.


The leading natural shelf life extending agent!

KiOnutrime® Protect|

High purity insoluble beta(1,3)-glucan.

Lactobacillus acidophilus| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus bulgaricus| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus casei| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus crispatus| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus fermentum| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus gasseri| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus helveticus| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus paracasei| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus plantarum| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus reuteri| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus rhamnosus| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactobacillus salivarius| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Lactococcus lactis| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria

Oak extracts| Oxylent

The main markets for those extracts are the oenology, alcohol and sauce.

OmniVin – Grape seed extracts|

Grapes have been praised since ancient times for their beneficial effect on human health. Today polyphenols present in grape seeds and red wine are implicated in the so-called French Paradox, a term referring to the observation that although dietary fat intake in France is similar to many other European countries (e.g. Germany), the incidence of cardiovascular disease is significantly lower.

Combining a careful selection of raw materials with a unique extraction technology, OmniChem has developed a range of grape seed extracts matching the specific requirements of the food and nutraceutical industry.

Due to our specific extraction process we are able to produce a particularly suitable blend of low, medium and high molecular weight fractions that gives our different types of grape seed extracts a unique performance profile.

Organovital| Oxylent

Formulation based on pomegranate polyphenols and green tee.

Papain| Enzybel International

Papain is a protease extracted from the fruit of Carica papaya. Beside its conventional use as digestive aid, this enzyme has anti-inflammatory properties by reducing painful joint and prostate inflammations and could support the immune system in cancer treatments by modulating leukocytes during an immune response.

Pisane®| Cosucra

Pisane® is a highly pure pea protein isolate that provides high levels of nutrition and functionality. This non-dairy protein is the substainable and effective alternative to regular protein isolate. Pisane® can be used in a lot of applications as weight management, sport, healthy ageing, free from products, vegan and medical nutritions.

Pomegranate extracts| Oxylent

Polyphenols extracted from pomegranate peel. The effects are supported by internal studies.

Probiotics| Vésale Pharma

Vésale Pharma is a leading Probiotic Solutions provider. It markets a broad range of Probiotic finished products in the digestive, immunity and feminine health fields and has developed a unique  patented Probiotic micro-encapsulation technology; Intelicaps®

ProDough Adagio|

Natural baking powder.

ProMeat Adagio|

Natural meat acidification, natural meat preservation.

ProMeat Plus|

Natural food preservation, food safety.

ProMeat Plus LS|

Salt (Sodium) reduction, natural meat preservation.

Red & Fresh|

Natural food preservation, food safety for fresh meat.

Saccharomyes boulardii| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics yeast

Streptococcs thermophilus| THT (Prayon Group)

Probiotics bacteria


Synac’ox S0477 is a 100% natural antioxidant of vegetal origin. It offers an effective natural alternative to synthetic preservatives. Synac’ox S0477 extend the products life cycle. It delays their rancidness and stabilizes their colour.

Tanal - Tannic acids (hydrolyzable polyphenols)|

For already more than 50 years Ajinomoto Omnichem stands for state-of-the-art food-grade tannic acids. These materials are characterized by a high degree of refining and purity, not to mention compliance to food regulations around the world. They are produced in dedicated facilities according to strictly controlled processes in compliance with the latest quality assurance principles.

Ajinomoto OmniChem food-grade tannins are not only widely used as stabilizing process-aids in the brewing industry, but are also recognized worldwide as benchmark products is the wine industry, where they are extensively used in red wines as well as sparkling wines such as Champagne, for their stabilizing, antioxidant and taste improving properties. Besides these major food applications Ajinomoto OmniChem tannic acids are also extensively used in the flavouring and aroma industry.

Taste Solutions|

Taste Solutions are natural aromas allowing the conservation of taste in foods having better nutritional profile. The range includes natural taste enhancer, natural salt substitute, natural rear tastes masking, acidity masking,… Our Taste Solution can be used in food, health food and dietary supplement.

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